In response to unsafe working conditions and inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE), we are demanding that all Caribou Coffee locations temporarily close until Caribou can adequately protect its workers. While stores are closed, Caribou must continue to pay its workers.

Caribou must institute a corporate-wide, robust paid sick leave policy that protects workers and the American public. Caribou workers are essential, frontline workers. Essential workers deserve essential pay. Caribou workers demand higher wages.

Join the Caribou Coffee Workers' Movement to get information on demands, legal updates, and community building. There are many employees coming forward from ALL OVER our stores speaking out about the unfair, unethical, and unjust practices taking place within our stores. We want you to be directly involved in the organizing campaign to help spread the word. Fill out the form below and you will receive an email invite to our Zoom call!


On April 27th, Caribou workers and community allies staged a “Drive-Through for Justice Car Rally” at a drive-through store in Roseville, MN. Over three dozen cars and 50 people came out to protest Caribou’s unsafe working conditions and inequitable pay.

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"I've worked at my store for over two years. I was really hoping to feel a sense of security from the people I work for, as they posture themselves as a corporation that cares. Instead, I've felt dismissed and hung out to dry, as they pay lip service to compassion while callously disregarding my safety. I've put a lot into this company as a front line worker because I care about my store. I want to see Caribou demonstrate that they care about me."

Lux Wildenaeur

"I worked the first week that Gov. Walz closed dine-in restaurants and during that announcement the co-founder of Caribou Coffee, John Puckett, spoke about how Punch Pizza was handling the pandemic. The location that I work at does not have a drive through but we closed our lobby so that customer's could only walk in, order and leave. We were told to wash our hands and keep the store as clean as possible. In the following day's I figured that Caribou would follow in Punch Pizza's suit by shutting down stores and giving worker's relief, but they did not. On March 20, I heard that one of my co-worker's had COVID-19 like symptoms so I took a voluntary two week leave. I contacted HR multiple times and was able to get two week pay, but I heard later that this was not the case for everyone. After reviewing the current COVID policies and taking into consideration the multiple high risk family member's I live with returning to Caribou was not an option. I have the privilege of not having to put my life & family at risk for $11 an hour."

Sarah Anderson

"I've been working at Caribou for a year. I managed a store for four months despite being a shift supervisor. I was promised a promotion to ASM when I agreed to take over the store. I reached out to my district manager multiple times over those four months and was told that he would make it happen once things "settled down". When I finally reached out to HR about whether or not it was legal to have someone run a store as a shift supervisor my DM contacted me and told me that I was being moved to another store so that someone else could take over the store I was running. I was only given a week's notice and told that I had no choice. I worked at that store for a month before I went to visit my family for spring break. I ended up staying with my family because my mom was sick. When I went to find out about sick time, I was told that since I did not work in a store that had a sick time policy I had zero sick time accrued, which is really disappointing because if I worked in a store with a sick time policy I would have had 30 hours that I could've used. They told me I had 6.93 hours of PTO that I could use and to file for unemployment because there was nothing else they could do. I found out about the movement through another Caribou employee who was just as motivated as myself to help workers and make changes for the better. Caribou has a history of not caring about the workers who have made the company successful, and I was really disappointed to see that they were doing that during this pandemic. I joined this movement and continue to fight despite attempts at intimidation from managers because I believe that we deserve better from a company that we have put so much into. This movement has inspired me so much and I know that if we stand together, we can win!"

Magdalen Sheppard